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Note: The Producers of 9 TO 5 The Musical cannot guarantee the appearance of any particular artist, which is always subject to illness and leave arrangements. A $8.57 transaction fees apply to online bookings.

* Dolly Parton received both a Tony nomination and a Grammy nod for the original music she composed for 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL for its original Broadway run in 2009. Please note, Dolly Parton does not appear in this production.

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In the event that you can no longer attend the performance of 9 to 5 on the date/time for when your tickets were issued, tickets can be exchanged subject to the below T&C’s:

1. Exchange must be completed a minimum of 7 days before your scheduled date

2. To exchange tickets, contact Ticketek Theatre Arts line on 1300 795 012 during business hours, or  submit a request to Ticketek online at or in person at Her Majesty’s Theatre Box Office.

3. Tickets can be exchanged into “like for like” performances, eg: Wednesday evening into another Wednesday evening etc. If your preference is to attend on a different day/time of the week additional fees may apply.

4. Exchanges are subject to seating availability for your chosen date/time

5. Tickets cannot be downgraded

6. All tickets are non refundable

7. Not valid for complimentary tickets

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Show Information

219 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000 View Map

Theatre Address

Notes: Show times are subject to change.Running time 2.5 including interval
Suitable for ages 12+

Authorised Ticket Sellers

Please note 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL in Melbourne is subject to a major event declaration under the Major Events Act 2009. It is an offence for a 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL  ticket to be sold, or offered or advertised for resale, at a price exceeding its face value purchase price by more than 10%. Breaches can result in heavy fines of up to $96,714 for an individual and $483,570 for a company. For queries regarding the Major Events Act see

The authorised ticket seller for 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL  at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne is Ticketek. We also work in partnership with Her Majesty’s Theatre, Showbiz, What’s On Live, Lasttix, Smarttix, Groupon, Helloworld, Virgin Holidays and House of Travel.

Please be advised, the venue/producer has NO obligation to honour tickets purchased via unauthorised re-sellers if they are sold in breach of the Victorian Government’s Major Events Act. If you do purchase from a reseller in breach of the Major Events Act the ticket(s) will be cancelled without notice. Unauthorised re-sellers include Viagogo, Ticketmaster Resale, Ticketbis, eBay, Gumtree, Tickets Australia, Queen of Tickets, Supatix or similar. We encourage all ticket purchases to be completed through the authorised sellers only.